The primary role of a Disability Support Worker, also known as a personal support worker, is to provide assistance to individuals with physical, developmental or cognitive disabilities. They help disabled individuals perform basic hygiene tasks, such as bathing and brushing teeth, in addition to daily living tasks such as cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. Disability Support Workers could be responsible for transporting disabled individuals to therapy or doctor appointments and take them shopping and completing other chores.
Other duties/responsibilities of Disability Support Workers include:
• Medication administration
• Cleaning rooms
• Behavior observation and support
• Maintaining record of client progress
• Assessing client to determine continuing needs
• Assistance in building client self-image and self-confidence
Disability Support Workers generally assist in developing and implementing client-specific programs to help these individuals build strong social skills and encourage independence whenever possible. Disability Support Workers work in community-based settings such as group homes or care centers or in some cases provide care in the client’s home. They might also be employed by state departments of human services.