Healthcare assistants can works under the guidance of professional healthcare professionals. Work alongside nurses in hospitals or midwives in maternity services or in mental health.
Healthcare assistant duties (Hospital)
• Serving meals and helping to feed patients.
• Helping people to move around.
• Toileting.
• Making beds.
• Talking to patients and making them comfortable.
• Monitoring patients’ conditions by taking temperatures, pulse, respirations and weight.
Healthcare assistant duties (health care & surgery)
• Sterilise equipment.
• Do health checks.
• Re-stock consulting rooms.
• Process lab samples.
• Take blood samples.
• Do health promotion or health education work.
The formal route to Nursing or Midwifery is an option for HCAs to consider. Or, with further study, the Allied Healthcare professions could be worth exploring as there are so many fields to work in ranging from Art Therapy, Dietician, Radiographer, Speech and Language Therapist.