Cell Relaxation Therapy

Our speciality is helping people with disability or special needs to boost their energy and get clarity of mind through self-stimulation therapy.

These are simple yoga positions and breathing techniques to help calm your mind, repair your body and rejuvenate the whole system. This also includes mindfulness meditation.

It is also known as Cell stimulation therapy.

It not only brings down the stress levels, but it also balances the body and mind to create Peace and harmony for ongoing better health. 

We offer Oxygenation therapy in our sessions.  The proper supply of oxygen can redirect and re-balance the energy in your body. Your concentration level will improve, improves your lung capacity, purifies your blood and your digestion system will increase its capacity to eliminate undigested food from the body.

These are amazingly simple techniques. We have created these exercises to suit all levels of physical and mental capabilities.

First session we sit with you and analyse your health conditions, your capabilities and your strength level and custom design a package exclusively for you based on your present health conditions and your ability to perform. Our therapy techniques are very safe and enjoyable to do.

Self-stimulation therapy is great for alleviating/controlling lifestyle disorders like Stress, High Blood Pressure, Backache, Stomach, impatience, Diabetes issues and many other ailments can be helped by practicing these techniques and makes you healthier.